Singer's Notebook Reviews

5 Star Review by Nadia Smelser, Orange County, CA Voice Teacher
5.0 out of 5 stars    A creative, refreshing resource for singers
By nsmelser on September 21, 2016
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As a college, high school and private voice teacher, I am always looking for resources to help my students as they move through their unique journey in learning to sing. They are already taught vocal technique, diction, acting skills, and many other needed aspects of singing, in their lessons and classes. But this book performs many other functions– it is a journal, an organizer, a motivator, a goal-setter, and so much more. The student can initiate, create, reflect and evaluate the many aspects of their experience with singing. Singer’s Notebook is a refreshing way for students to think out of the box a bit, and in many ways, deepen their experience of the benefits that singing can bring to their lives. Journaling helps them track their practices and progress, and gives them a place to express their plans, dreams and goals. They can record their experiences, teacher feedback, and successes and challenges. It can also put them more in touch with their emotions, which is such a big part of successful singing, and a successful life.

I bought the actual book to show my students, which I personally prefer, but techno-savvy students may prefer the digital version, which they can use on their phones or other electronic devices. In my opinion, whatever version is used, Singer’s Notebook encourages voice students to think creatively, positively, and actively, in ways that compliment their lessons, rehearsals and performances throughout their singing lives.
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