Memory Helper for Piano Keys – FREE PRINTABLE

My 10-year-old student Katelyn was having trouble remembering the white keys. She is blind, and remembering which way is right and left are sometimes tricky for her. So the task of memorizing that C is to the left of the 2 black keys, for example, was a challenge. On her own, she came up with a little story with acronyms to help her remember the white key names. The Dog (D) lives in the dog house (2 black keys) is one of the acronyms — and she created a character for each white key. I thought it was so cute, and I asked her if I could “steal” her idea. She was thrilled that her story might help other students who are having trouble remembering the white keys. I had a drawing created as a visual aid, and I’m offering it here as a free printable with the story included.

Piano Key Names with story-Printable

Let me and Katelynn know in the Comments if this was helpful in your studio or with your child.

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