Katelyn Brailles her Name on the Piano

My talented student Katelyn (of piano key memory game fame) came up with a new music composition technique. She’s blind and is FLUENT in Braille. In case you’re not familiar, each character in Braille has 6 dots.

Blind people use a Brailler to emboss the Braille dots onto paper. It has 6 keys that are used to create the 6 dots. Here’s a picture of Beth’s Brailler.

Watch Katelyn create names on the piano instead of on her Brailler:

She just showed me this idea, so we will use it in many future lessons.

  • Braille your name but with one hand high and one hand low;

  • with one hand on white keys and one hand on black keys;

  • in G position or C position;

  • play your name as a sequence going up.

Lots of composition ideas I can think of right off the bat. Can’t wait until Katelyn’s next lesson!

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